Despite the fact that Carter had a difficult time with sleeping on airplanes, when Aiden and him arrived to Amsterdam the last thing he wanted to do was sleep.  The country was just so peaceful and almost cleaner in comparison to America.  Even though his boyfriend wasn’t so interested in the outdoors, he was certain anyone would enjoy the environment here.  Being more used to hotels and motels and the like, Carter led the two of them down the hallway that would ultimately lead them to their hotel room.  Finally, a place where he wouldn’t have to worry about being caught for doing something wrong.  Now he could give his undivided attention to Aiden and do whatever the teenager wanted.  The other man never traveled like this before and now they were on the other side of the world.  Well, practically.

“That flight was horrible.  I don’t like cramped spaces like that very much,” Carter frowned lightly and tossed his luggage towards the corner of the room.  He could deal with it later.  Despite still being in a shirt and jeans, Carter flopped down onto the bed gracelessly and grinned up at his boyfriend.  “So here we are,” he began, a little warmly.  He propped himself up on an elbow and sighed.  “Now that you’re here what do you want to do first?”

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Aiden wasn’t even sure what he was asking. He only asked because he knew that Carter loved things like dances. “It doesn’t matter, anyway.” he said, looking away. “It’s not like we can actually go together.” he was actually feeling slightly upset at the fact. Since when has he cared about dances, anyway?

When Aiden looked a little down about the fact that the two of them couldn’t go to the dance together, Carter couldn’t help but frown as well.  He bit down on his bottom lip for a second before rolling the two of them over so he was straddling Aiden’s thighs.  ”We don’t need to go to this dance.  There will be plenty of other opportunities for me to dance with you.  Didn’t peg you as a dancer to be honest though, Aiden,” he teased the younger man.

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[private] I'll let you book the flights for both of us. It uhm. It should be nice.

[Private] Yes it will!  I’m so excited Aiden, I don’t think you understand.  Our flight is scheduled to leave on Tuesday.

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Aiden let Carter’s lips linger on his cheek, knowing that the older male liked doing it.   He looked back at the teacher’s eyes as he felt his arms around him. Aiden smirked slightly at Carter’s cheeky suggestion. “We can shower together. Save time.” Aiden shrugged at his own suggestion. He wasn’t the romantic type, but it seemed like something Carter would enjoy, and he sure didn’t mind doing it as well. He chuckled at the teacher’s question. “Sure.” Aiden said simply, as he ran his fingers through Carter’s hair. He wasn’t all that picky about food, anyway. “You know, there’s a dance coming up.” he said, unsure of what exactly he was implying by doing so.

“Something tells me that it will be a long shower,” Carter laughed lightly as he began to run his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair.  He quite liked the curls, he was learning.  Or maybe he just liked touching the other man a lot, Carter liked both reasons.  His smile widened at the mention of scrambled eggs.  A long time ago that picture of a domestic kind of partnership would have scared him.  But now he was excited to share that with Aiden, despite the younger man being so different than him.  “A dance?  I didn’t even hear about this!  Are you going?” he sat up a bit against his headboard and tilted his head.  Aiden… well he didn’t seem like the dancing type.  “I would love to dance with you.”

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Aiden loved that he could make the older male lose control like that. He kissed Carter hungrily as he felt the man’s muscles tense up and shot his load inside him. Aiden groaned when the teacher started to pull his softening cock out of him, but smiled - actually smiled for more than a second at his boyfriend’s compliment. “No. you are.” he said before pulling the man into another gentle kiss. For the first time in his life, Aiden actually felt like he cared about something. Or someone.

“I like it when you smile,” Carter noted aloud, kissing the dimple on Aiden’s cheek before laying down on his bed again, pulling his boyfriend all on top of him.  He didn’t mind it when the teenager initiated the kisses, especially if they were the lighter kind.  Carter was a huge sap like that.  He wished he was better with words to describe how Aiden made him feel.  His arms snaked around Aiden and he tilted his head back a bit to look at the other.  “It looks like we’re going to have to shower again soon,” he smiled a bit on the mischievous side.  “You want some scrambled eggs?  You wore me out a bit to make anything too complicated.”

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